League history!

The Balkan Raceroom League was registered on 25th August 2016. 😉.

That was the time that We started to drive Raceroom's Racing Experience Simulator.

Long ago Balkan Raceroom League was working with league project called "Balkan Sim Racing" in rfactor racing simulator.

At the time as everyone else in rfactor we used modded content. Then Raceroom started to improve massively and we took our chance with a swap. Today it seems that that was a great desision to split leagues and try to improve racing with Raceroom Racing Experience. The main thing that we liked at the first sight was ofcource Official Content in RRE and sponsorships that RRE is maniging to make. The switch it self was pretty hard at start with loss of some good drivers that we raced with for years, but it was just "Need to be" option if we wished to improve. It was like 100% Balkan public that were in the league and the races was nice, but with low grid population. After some marketing work and real good on track racing fights Balkan Raceroom League started it growth.

With everyday friendships that drivers make between themselves we have made some unofficial rules where we are all looking to improve together.

I've never seen anything like that before!

New drivers joined and everyone was looking to help them improve in every single aspect of racing! With todays knowlage where you have to pay for every little peace of everything it is insane!, and it is still the same. New drivers are arriveing and everyone is looking forward to help them fit in to the league.

BRL drivers are smashing Leaderboards!

With every championship we hosted, we were smashing top positions on the Leaderboard lists.And we still do.

All for one and one for all!

I rimember when we changed from RWD to FWD how some of the drivers were losing thair patients after just few corners, and then few other drivers were like "Hey, let us watch some laps and show you where you can do something different. And then after few laps, few missunderstandings, lap times started to drop. It feels like home sometimes. That support from others is something real big!

One of the main struggles that we were facing was leaking of Server Hosting, Web Hosting, Forum, Design, Streaming, Programmers. Then there comes the support of our community peaople and drivers who was willing to spend thair own money to support our leaague and resume with racing in it. There were few guys who fought like lions to make it work. One particular man was ready to make it work this way or another, he started a real thing with finding V-Server, making an agreement for BRL, investing in BRL, then setting up the server with few guys. And then couple of guys got in help with site, forum, race server hosting setups. Then there was just coming a good thing one by another, some basic streams, design, that fenomenal drawing, helping with investments from drivers, from community ect. We got Virtual Server for hosting the whole league. There was no more need to kill our home PC computers to do hours and hours of working without stop. In here on Balkan there is no such a high tech to buy with easy money. Its a hard daily work to earn some decent amount of it. But still, our members were there to support and boost league, and thay still does it.

Thank you guys for all your support these years!

We have lost some of the awesome drivers and firstly peaople during some minor arguments. Shitty Balkan mentality, we would kill each others sometimes hah... but we still love each others more.

After all, we hope that Sim Racing will become more popular in our regions with some sponsorships and youngsters willing to learn and race until the engine break or tires blow.

Balkan Raceroom League also made contacts with people around the world. And now we have very good racers from all around the world! BRL made a contact with some Russian Leagues, and that was awesome racing in GT3 Championship driving with Russian friends. We have done seperate championship at the time, one driving with our Russian friends, one of our own. And those racing with mutural league were fenomenal. There was fights all around the track 100% of the time. There were guys starting from 30th position and finishing in top 10. And reverse. Every race was a story for it selves.

Balkan Raceroom is growing like a puppy, starting from skinny legs and hard ass to get it up, but then a puppy that is willing to run and play forever. These train have unlimited energy resources.

In our history of league racing we drove Championships with the WTCC 2015, DTM 2016, GT3(GTR3)Class, DTM 1992, Formula 2, WTCC 2018 and the last championship with WTCR 2018 content car.

For every new championship, BRL is hosting vote, on our Forum page. We are welcoming everyone who would like to join community and the league and family.

Join the party off and on the track with Balkan Raceroom League!

League History

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